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About my work

Nothingness is alive. I know that because that’s where I draw my paintings from.
It is from this dark wave that emerge my paintings as my images of dreams, my visions of meditation…
These surges offered in order to strike my consciousness are the safest, friendliest appointments to build me after the necessary fall. They organize my cycles of destruction/creation taking me to a better universe. This developing universe creates its own rules. He chooses me to test them in my current humanity.

In these depths live archaic creatures. They are guides to help people to no longer be subjects of spirits, to become independent. And when we shape spirits, we collaborate. We can rewrite our own history, and perhaps build an adequate future.

My ability to make myself invisible helps me navigate beyond appearances. I am the one who says. The one who shows. The solitude that follows is the slope that brings me back to the Source for new developments.

In fact, those who love my work are those who strangely recognize these familiar visions that they do not have the time to look for themselves in the collective bank of images. By appropriating them, first by instinct, they offer them over time to quietly discern what they might not have seen in themselves without them.

For my part, as soon as it appears, as a vague or ambiguous stimulus, I accept what I see until I perceive it as clear and distinct. Simultaneously comes the title that will make me mumble : «It is therefore you!»
Since childhood I have been working on my instinctive tendency to find familiar forms in disordered images such as clouds, constellations, rocks, bark…, to unmask ghosts at work in interrelationships…

And sometimes, the titled image is there before I could feel the night crack.

In these cases it is common that I return the painting not to see it for weeks, too amazed to be already grateful for this divine break-in. Yet I already have faith that this immediate experience of the unconscious contains for me a profound help and a meaning to life. I want to prepare for it. So I dig in myself the way to join her.

For years I recognized these images from the depths of past identity events. I was investigating. I was making history.

And sometimes, as if they were a request or even a warning, the work could advance only by carefully following the current events in my life. The best example of a premonitory painting is «A family affair» started in 2010 that took me 14 years to complete. Given the violence he unleashed from his first shot, I knew something was happening there. But what? Everything was there. But I was deaf and blind there. It was going to hurt…
After crossing the flames of hell, early 2024 on a still smoking fire I was able to see and therefore solve this painting in a second and last shot.

The long and long fall from which I returned seems to have put me on a new slope of prospective creation. Indeed, to see my recent paintings I still feel the same power of what is said, but my difficulty in giving them a title convinces me that I have not yet crossed their field of experience. It’s a new language. A new world.
So my new mandate is to reassure no one in this unknown terrain that I create.
The exterior does not exist until the painting is offered in turn for the reason that it contains an inherent truth that concerns the collective.

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